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Cis boleti, male genitalia

cis boleti genitalia

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Cis boleti (Scopoli,1763)  male genitalia(penis)

Iran, Ghaem shahr, Jadeh nezami

Male genitalia of Cis comptus

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Male genitalia of Cis comptus

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Penis in Octotemnus rugusopunctatus

Penis (male genitalia) and unknown part.  It seems to be sperm ducts but there is in both Gender, male and female

Octotemnus rugusopunctatus Drogvalenko 2002  from north of Iran

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British ciidae

Contains 22 British species of mostly widespread ยน beetles associated with fungi, they are rarely found away from fungi or bark containing the mycelia. Several have a very restricted range e.g. Cis dentatus Mellie and Cis jacquemarti Mellie from the Scottish highlands, but generally one should expect a dozen or so species from the Watford area. Read more