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Tag: Nicrophorus

Ciidae and gamaside mite?

(Gamasoidea), a group of mites of the order Parasitiformes. There are about 20 families. Gamasid mites have oval or elongated thoraxes (0.3-4 mm) covered with corselets. (A mite may have a single or divided dorsal and several ventral segments.) The body has many bristles, which are constant in number and position. The legs are six-jointed, with claws and suckers. The mouth organs are designed for bitting or puncturing and sucking. The chelicerae have pincers or are needle-shaped, and they project from tubular foundations, which are the fused coxa of the legs. The mites breathe through trachea, which open through spiracles on the sides of the body. Gamasid mites lay eggs, but many are viviparous. Read more