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Cis boleti and relatives


Cis boleti and  Cis rugulosus are very simillar. Some European taxonomist belive they are same but there are some differences in punctation of elytra. In Cis rugulosus some small punctation around large punctation are visible but these small punctation may disappear in dried speciemens. Read more

Biosensor study of fungus beetle and Ciidae

Trametes versicolor, Gloeophyllum trabeum and Poria placenta are known as wood destructive fungi, causing high economic losses in construction wood and wood composite products. To evaluate the quality of wood as raw-material for the production of high engineering property products, a reliable and sensitive detection of wood rotting fungi is needed. A rapid and non-destructive method for the evaluation of fungal infestation can focus on volatile organic compounds (VOC) released by fungi.

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Cis taurus group (Macrocis)

Cis bison ( Reitter )


Cis bison ( Reitter )

Cis diabolicus  ( Reitter )

Cis grandicornis ( Pic ) Read more