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Cis sp

cis sp


Cis sp

It somewhat resembles species of the Cis pacificus species-group. The group is widespread and well-diversified in Polynesian islands, with a few described and several undescribed species.

(note by Cristiano)

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Cis pacificus

cis pacificus

Cis pacificusĀ Sharp, 1879

[Hawaii; Honolulu]

Photo: UH manoa insect collection

Apetrocis ephistemoides

apetrocis ephistemoides, uh manoa insect collection

Apetrocis ephistemoides,

photo: UH manoa insect collection

Cis quadridentatus – Male

Cis quadridentatus (Dury)

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Ciidae from Mauritius islands

Cis cf aldabranus scott1926

Cis cf aldabranus CĀ from Mauritius islands, east of Madagascar Read more

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