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Tag: Cis multidentatus species-group

New distributional records of species of the Cis multidentatus species-group


Figures 20-28. Cis chinensis Lawrence, 1991, male (20-23), female (24) and sclerites of aedeagus of an specimen from Saipan (25-28), the anterior ends are placed to the right and the posterior ends are placed to the left: (20) dorsal view; (21) lateral view; (22) ventral view; (23) scutellar shield and part of the pronotum and elytra; (25) sternite VIII; (26) basal piece; (27) tegmen showing small angulation barely acute at middle of the base (arrows); (28) penis. Scale bars: 1.0 mm (20-22, 24); 0.2 mm (23); 0.05 mm (25-28). Read more