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Websites should measurably drive leads, sales, and deeper engagement. Websites shouldn't just look pretty. A brand's website needs to act as a growth engine, powering lead generation, and sales nurturing.

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$ 299
  • 3 Page Custom Web Design
  • Custom Website Design from Scratch
  • Self Content Management System (CMS)
  • Responsive Design (Mobile Ready)
  • 1 Hour In-Person Design Brainstorming
  • Contact Form & 5 Domain Emails
  • Social Media Links & Google Maps
  • Professional, Modern & Stunning Design
  • Slideshow Banner
  • Standard Website Security
  • 5 Stock Photos
  • 3 Round of Revisions
  • You Own Everything
  • 1-2 Weeks Delivery Time


$ 499
  • 6 Page Custom Web Design
  • Custom Website Design from Scratch
  • Self Content Management System (CMS)
  • Responsive Design (Mobile Ready)
  • 1 Hour In-Person Design Brainstorming
  • Contact Form & 10 Domain Emails
  • Social Media Links & Google Maps
  • Professional, Modern & Stunning Design
  • Slideshow Banner
  • Standard Website Security
  • 10 Stock Photos
  • 3 Round of Revisions
  • You Own Everything
  • 2 Weeks Delivery Time


$ 699
  • 10 Page Custom Web Design
  • Custom Website Design from Scratch
  • Self Content Management System (CMS)
  • Responsive Design (Mobile Ready)
  • 1 Hour In-Person Design Brainstorming
  • Contact Form & 15 Domain Emails
  • Social Media Links & Google Maps
  • Professional, Modern & Stunning Design
  • Slideshow Banner
  • Standard Website Security
  • 15 Stock Photos
  • 3 Round of Revisions
  • You Own Everything
  • 3 Weeks Delivery Time

More Options.

Pay only for the Add-Ons you really need.

Logo Design

  • Don’t have a logo? We will create for you a professional logo based on your business type.

Domain & Hosting

$99 per Year
  • If you don't have a domain name & hosting, we will buy, configure and setup a domain and hosting for 1 Year.

Social Media Profiles

  • We will create social media profiles for your business on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn, and integrate them with your website.

Our Google Web Designer / Web Developer Process

1- Discovery & Strategy

The first step in any competent web design Toronto project starts with getting to know our clients. Rosaline can’t give you what you want if we don’t know what you want. So we start our projects with a detailed interview to find out what our clients want to see on the website. But we also discuss broader business goals, how established customers interact with the company, what other groups of potential customers our clients need to reach. A company’s website is its most visible public face, so it has to speak to a company’s soul. That’s where Rosaline starts.

2- Planning & Architecture

Once we understand these broad goals of our clients, Rosaline’s next step is planning how their new website can achieve those goals. There are many subtle ways that a website can express the unique value proposition of a company. A user experience should answer the questions of what makes a client’s company unique, as well as uniquely suited to satisfying consumers’ desires. Everything about a company’s website – its features, layout, user paths, and functionalities – should express those ideas, or else lead users to figure it all out on their own.

3- Creative Design

This is the part of the process that everybody and their pets imagine when they hear the words ‘website design.’ We sit down and start assembling all the design features. This includes color schemes, graphics, font choices, endless arguments over the most subtle and tiny details of our font choices. Everything that hangs on that architecture that the previous step produced. Rosaline also provides its clients, on request, with a design storyboard that lays out each artistic decision and its reasons.

4- Coding & Development

Here, we’re referring to the finer points of coding. This is all the more technical work to make sure the website functions on pretty much any platform you can find. A website has to display every page, link, and image without a hitch, no matter whether the user is viewing it on a desktop, a tablet, or a smartphone. Our front-end coding is assembled according to the highest standards of industry best practices, and our content management systems are customized to let clients update their sites whenever they need to.

5- Quality & Testing

You read our preparation in the previous step. Now check the details of Rosaline’s diligence. Quality control goes beyond simply making sure that a website displays properly on all kinds of devices and screens, essential though that is. We’re always working to make sure that our clients’ website content loads as quickly as possible on all those devices, refining our coding and site architecture. We also review the latest improvements in SEO to improve our clients’ search ranking. Most importantly, we continue to research and improve new security measures, bringing them as needed to clients so that we can find and shut down vulnerabilities before dangerous hackers can exploit them.

6- Launch & Optimization

You’ve hired Rosaline to build your company a new website. While that was an excellent decision, our job doesn’t stop when we hand you the product and take the site live. You know what a dynamic, incredible, and sometimes dangerous place the web can be. So our relationship with our clients doesn’t end with delivering that product and taking it live online without a hitch. We also offer services after launch to maintain your site’s quality. We’ll keep working on your SEO, display performance, and security. We’ll always look critically for useful new techniques and ideas to improve your website’s profile and function.

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About Rosaline Toronto Website Development Company

Rosaline plans and executes cost-effective and high-performing internet marketing campaigns that build brand reputation, foster higher consumer engagement, and transform more website visitors into your paying customers. Our team combines expertise in digital marketing with creative approaches to public relations. So Rosaline can put our unique skills to help clients establish and grow your businesses in this intensely competitive global marketplace.

Why Work With Our Toronto Web Development Company ?

1- Flawless Work History

Rosaline is a new company, but we’ve already developed a list of clients who are beyond impressed with the work we’ve done so far. Before joining Rosaline, our team members and leaders have worked all around the world, and bring experience with all kinds of people and cultures to your business needs.

2- Driving Business Results

Any 21st-century business owner worth working with at all will understand that a website is the center of a company’s commerce. Its content and offerings encourage engagement, drive leads and sales, and provide a foundation for always-growing performance.

3- An Amazing Portfolio

Rosaline’s Toronto website design team members have already done fantastic work with us, even in our earliest days. This includes mockups and formal client work. We also draw on the experience of our team members throughout their careers to demonstrate our unique package of skills, expertise, and insight.

4- A Top-Quality Team

The skills and abilities of Rosaline’s team covers the entire process of website development and creation. You may hire us to take care of only a single, one-time project, but we suspect that after you see our work, you’ll want to see us more often.

5- Versatility

Rosaline regularly achieves the highest quality work because of the deep thought we put into developing our own skills and understanding the needs of our clients. Our global experience means we’re flexible enough to adapt to any professional situation or goal.

6- Peace of Mind

You won’t have to worry about such a fundamental part of your business as your website once it is in Rosaline’s website designer hands. We offer a totally transparent look at our system that educates our clients about web design Toronto and online marketing, so you’ll always know why we do what we do and why we’re the best choice.

Our Web Design Toronto Features

100% Custom Web Design

  • Build your website completely from scratch
  • Front-end and back-end web development Toronto
  • HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and all major coding languages.

Easy Drag & Drop Builder

  • Powerful WordPress Website Design
  • Easy to use drag & drop builder
  • Stunning & Customizable Framework Theme

Mobile Responsive Designs

  • Fully Responsive Website Designs
  • Can fit any screen size
  • Desktop, Laptop, Tablet, Phablet, & Phone

Social Media Integration

  • Enhance user experience and engagement
  • Enabling social links, shares, comment, follow buttons
  • Integrating social login, social video, social proof

Unlimited Email Accounts

  • Email address associated with your own domain
  • Unlimited email addresses
  • Unlimited email data storage

Best Hosting Ever

  • Best Hosting Service with shared or dedicated servers
  • From 4 to 12 cores, and from 4 GB to 64 GB of RAM
  • Fastest SSD hard disk drive, & unlimited bandwidth.

Google Apps Integration

  • Full integration with Google Apps
  • Google Analytics, AdWords, and Search Console
  • Google Tag Manager, Google Maps, Gmail and more

Web Design and SEO

  • Website structure is ready for Google & Bing SEO
  • Pages are optimized for performance
  • Images and graphics are optimized for fast loading time

Optimized for Conversion

  • Advanced conversion rate optimization tools
  • More leads, Higher ROI, & Marketing Automation
  • A/B testing platform, Analytics services, Heat mapping

Happy Thoughts From Our Clients

My business was hitting a lot of walls recently. I work from home and in coffee shops, pretty much all on short-term contracts. So I don’t exactly have the deepest pockets. I have to spend just as much time looking for clients as working with the ones I have. Rosaline’s rates were affordable for me and fair, and they had new clients finding me on their own soon after I hired them.

I’ve dealt with other marketing firms to help promote my non-profit work, and I often feel treated like an afterthought because I’m not a “big money client.” Not with Rosaline. I’ve never dealt with a digital marketing company whose people are so dedicated to clients no matter who they are. Seeing Rosaline’s non-profit work in the community was so inspirational as well. They’re unlike any marketing company I’ve ever seen.

I’m a simple guy who runs a small business. I don’t really know the technical details of how SEO works and I frankly don’t care. But Rosaline Digital Marketing was able to meet my needs without confusing the hell out of me, thanks to their very straightforward blend of high-concept SEO and good old fashioned public relations marketing techniques. It all just worked for me. 

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