10 Top Trends In Digital Marketing Strategy For 2018!

top trends in digital marketing

Having trouble reaching out to your customers? Do you feel that you have a solid product but no customers to market it to? Ever felt that your business isn’t well known enough in your neighborhood to perform well? That’s probably because you don’t have much of an online presence. Check out these top trends in digital marketing that you can implement in 2018.


Your customers haven’t gone anywhere- it is just that they have got access to a platform where they can acquire any information they want. You just need the right digital marketing strategy for 2018.



The Top Trends In Digital Marketing For 2018!


You need to reach out to a wider audience than ever before making a lasting impact. Be it through social media or your website or even through a blog- your business is bound to thrive once you embark on this journey.


Still finding it difficult? Well, here is how you can create an online brand presence. Just follow these digital marketing trends 2018.


1. Advertise Online with Improved Marketing Strategies


Invest on Native advertising and personalized PPC to get the most ROI.


With PPC for instance, you’re paying for pay per click advertising only one someone shows interest and clicks on your advertisement. This also means that even if they do not click, people do see your advertisement and by extension, are aware of your brand.


This develops a result-based ecosystem where the nature of your advertisement isn’t based on a hunch or gamble but actually guarantees real-time results and visibility/brand promotion or even direct sales.


Pay Per Click advertisers can work according to the advertiser’s budget, and you are not obliged to spend a fixed amount which may or may not be affordable for you.


This means that every brand, from every background, of every category and value, can avail the benefits of Pay Per Click advertising albeit with varying results. Whether you’re running a startup or a multinational company, the benefits of Pay Per Click advertising are uniform in nature, and you will get results.



2- Focus on Content Marketing:


In order to make an impact on the internet, your business needs to come up with a lot of good content that grabs the attention of your target audience. This is something good digital marketing agencies should help you with.



3- Invest on Facebook


Recently, Facebook was the bearer of bad news when it said that it planned on removing all kinds of promotional posts from the feeds. Because of this, brands and people are finding it difficult to reach out to more and more people. With only 6% of the people getting to see regular updates of your posts, can you still make Facebook a profitable social media marketing channel? The answer is YES! Facebook is still on the top of online marketing trends. The strategies mentioned below help you with it.


3.1. Select the right audience:


With the monstrous user base that Facebook enjoys, you need to target the right audience so that all your effort does not go to waste. For this purpose, Facebook has a tool called Audience Insight, that allows you to put in your criteria and identify the right audience group. It allows you to enter your criteria and helps you match with the right group.


3.2. Generate useful and interesting content:


Once you have narrowed down your audience, you can use the Internet to come up with some interesting and latest topics that are being discussed by your target audience. This is perhaps the hardest and the most time-consuming step. Once you finish writing your article ensure there is a nice corporate video or a picture to go along with it.


3.3. Now promote your work:


There is a button on the right-hand corner of the Audience Insights page that helps you create an ad. It will require you to choose an objective for your campaign. Make sure you choose the ‘send people to your website’ option. Now create the ad that will turn up on the news feeds of the target audience that you chose and remember to remove the sidebar Ad option in the column on the right.



4- Look to Make Your Content Go Viral


Now that you have created a good content, you want your visitors to share the article. While Facebook might not post regular updates from your page, it loves sharing your work through users who are actively sharing it through their personal accounts. Have social sharing links on the horizontal row right above the article or on the left for maximum impact.



5- Use email marketing services:


It’s a good idea to get an email address that can be included in your newsletter list and in your email marketing campaigns that you undertake. In order to provide an email capturing form to your website, services like MailChimp can be used. What you are trying to do out here is focus on creating good quality content and convincing your readers to do the sharing for you. It really is as simple as that.



6- Generate Better Brand Value


Brand value is the most important aspect of your business, and you are not going to have a good brand value unless you have a digital presence or identity. Digital marketing agencies identify your target audience and create an identity for your brand that is relatable on a personal level, ensuring brand loyalty and awareness at the same time.


You can do it by doing the following things:

- Having your website accessible on all smart devices, including mobiles (a responsive site)

- Improving engagement with more media including fresh videos.

- Have Buy Buttons on your website to improve sales



7- Build Responsive Sites


With a large number of devices available to the audience- from portable smartphones to laptops to desktop computer screens to high-resolution projectors one can access the internet very easily in various screen sizes. A lot of websites even have their own application programmed for an optimised experience on any device or operating system.


Responsive Websites are websites that can be viewed according to the user’s convenience, and adapt to the user’s environment and device. Users have access to a variety of options in terms of browsing the internet. They can select which browser or which operating system they want to use, what screen size they want to adapt the site to.


One Website, Different Platforms: The Emergence of Responsive Web Design Services


The concept of responsive websites originated from the idea of responsive architecture. A few years ago, Responsive Architecture was realized as a concept that explored the idea of how a physical space responded according to the number of people and things occupying it. Owing to a large number of digital platforms available in the modern world this concept got carried over to Website Design.


Over the years, screen resolutions have got larger making it inconvenient to access different websites. One wouldn’t dream of using a website that has been optimised for mobile viewing on a 4k Ultra HD screen and at the same time, a website that has been optimized for a full HD screen is a nightmare to use on a cell phone.



8- Look to Minimize Website Size


As a solution to this, an amalgamation of intelligent CSS codes and conditional media formatting was used to introduce responsive website design in order to adapt website text, images, and media content according to the user’s circumstances. Suppose a user is accessing a website through a Desktop Mac and later switches to an iPhone when traveling, the website will automatically change the view and its components to suit the smaller screen.


Over time, Responsive Web Design has begun to support different browsers, digital platforms (applications, websites, etc) and operating systems. You can avail responsive web design services if you want your company's website to attain such compatibility.



9- Focus on Wearables


The wearables market is going strong, and we can see an adoption rate of more than 40% by 2018. Supporting wearables and the IoT could be the next thing you are looking at to grow your business.



10- Automate It


You can automate a lot of the processes, from sending emails to online posting to segregating contacts, helping you save more hours of time. 2018 will have more such solutions on offer for you - and you need to get hold of as many as you can.



Hire the Right Digital Marketing Agency


You can get hold of a digital marketing agency here who has knowledge about brands and their activity on digital media. They have been handling online profiles of several different clients and know exactly what kind of a campaign your business needs in order to succeed. They will come up with creative campaign ideas in order to help you generate more leads and gain viewership online.


There’s nothing a digital marketing agency can do that you cannot, but hiring a digital marketing agency is a plan for future of marketing 2020 and it is a cost-effective method of marketing and publicity that spares you the resources you would otherwise be spending on it to lesser effects.




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