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With the help of the Google analytics tool, most sites have been empowered to track their visitors collecting crucial information on the visitors’ web activities. At the end, the information collected is analyzed and used by Google to serve ads to the specific users. However, due to the increased awareness and need to preserve your web privacy, some vendors including Google have designed a number of new tools to enable web visitors to take control of their online privacy. These tools can be used at different levels, that's the website owner can modify some lines of code in the analytics tool module to disable tracking.



However, in cases where the web user/visitor lacks access to the sites’ source code; they can use a browser add-on to opt-out of the Google analytics tool tracking. Upon implementing Google analytics Opt-out options, you are bound to enjoy surfing while keeping your identity anonymous. As such, all the sites you visit will not have to collect your information; this helps increase your online safety. The other important aspect of opting-out of Google analytics as a user or an SEO company is that it helps decontaminate your SEO analytical data as your web history may have a negative influence on your analytical data meant for your Search engine optimization campaign.



As a website visitor, you can tell Google that you do not want to be tracked by using a simple Google Chrome extension. Here's how you should do it. 

- Using your chrome browser, copy-paste this web address (URL) to the browser address field:

- You can alternatively double-click or right-click on the above link and choose to open it. Once you get redirected to the target page, use the search field available in the page to search for the ‘Google analytics Opt-out’ add-on.

- From the search result that comes up, go for one that reads Google Analytics Opt-Out Add-On (By Google), by ga-extension-publishers.

- While still on this option, click on “+ ADD TO CHROME” button and follow the prompts that follow to complete the add-on installation. If the installation asks you to restart the browser, it is important to do so. This move will ensure that the Google Analytics Opt-out installs successfully.

Those are the simple steps you can to follow to deactivate Google tracking whenever you surf or make web searches using Google search engine.

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