How Social Media Helps To Improve SEO Page Rank

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As a business, having a website translates to a global presence, increased number of customers and higher revenue from product sales. This is the same for a blogger currently working as an affiliate marketer. What you ought to know is that it is not enough to have a website or a blog online. Remember, there are billions of websites and blogs currently hosted online.


To be noticed, your website should be at the forefront. Today, online users search for information using keywords for example “dentist New York or plumber Miami.” Search engines like Google and Bing have made it easier for online users to search for information.


To ensure online users are able to find the right information, search engines have resulted in using ranking as a way of sorting websites and blogs online. For this to be possible, search engines have identified certain factors used in ranking, for example, organic traffic, responsive design, keyword relevancy and content type.


To better understand how search engines like Google rank websites and treat content, we have compiled useful information that will not only help you increase brand awareness but customer acquisition and increased sales revenue.


Identify your customers

As a business or affiliate marketer, the first step to success, increased revenue and higher customer acquisition is identifying your customers. Having a physical store is easy when it comes to attracting customers because all you need is to identify the right location. For example, if you are selling beauty products, locating your store in the middle of nowhere or close to a construction site will not result in increased sales but failure. Instead, locate your store in a mall where customers are readily available.


When it comes to the internet, location does matter too. Having your website on the first page of the search engine results means more leads which can be converted into revenue. To attract customers to your website, start utilizing the power of social media. Currently, there are over 3 billion social media users around the world.


What does this tell you? Social media is the perfect hunting ground for businesses. To attract social media users, start by implementing sound social media marketing strategies. You can work with a professional digital marketing agency or use your internal marketing team.


Today, Google search bots crawl social media pages looking for reviews about your business. If social media users are talking about you, Google will reward you by ranking you higher.


How social media plays a vital role in ranking WebPages

Let’s face it. Google is king among search engines and to maintain this position, the company has worked tirelessly not only to crawl each website on the internet (apart from the dark web) but to rank them too. To rank websites, Google uses SEO.


Over the years, its search engine bot has been crawling social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter. As a result, it has been able to index backlinks, social media reviews, and other activity. This information has been organized and is now available on its search engine results. If you search for a particular business or brand, not only will you come across its website, map display of its office location and Google reviews but you will view its social media pages too.


According to digital marketing companies, social media activity plays a major role when it comes to ranking and that is why Google uses the information gathered to promote authority pages. As a result, social media activity helps to drive traffic to your website which means higher organic traffic from social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest among others.


To better understand how Google uses social media activity to rank your website, we have compiled the four steps below. Following these steps will boost your website’s statistics thus increasing your Google page rank.


Step One – Create a social media business page

Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram have provided businesses with the ability to create a business page on their social media platform. Using the social media page, a business can post content in form of social media posts. This content needs to be integrated with relevant keywords and phrases which potential customers are using to find information.


Using your social media account, post social sharing button on your business website(s) allowing online users to like or follow.


Step Two –Post content with links to your website/blog

Today, social media users are attracted to posts that contain short sentences and links to your website or blog. As a result, your website will experience a boost in organic traffic. Here is what you need to know. When you post your blog link in a social media post, it is flagged with a nofollow tag. This means that Google search engine will not use the link to influence ranking. To ensure they do, include relevant keywords on your business page, profile bio, headlines and summaries among others.


Step Three – Increase your followers

Having a social media business page means nothing if you have no followers. Why? Followers talk about your brand, product, and services. They share your content with other social media users especially if it’s useful. To attract followers, make sure your social media posts contain keywords targeting what social media users and online users are searching for.


Step Four –Repeat Step Two and Three

As you already know, Google’s primary objective is to provide relevant results to online users. To ensure this is possible, Google combines data from social media activity and other sources to improve your page rank. Since online users who read and love your content will share it either using social sharing buttons or via their social media accounts, this will boost your website statistics thus being ranked higher.


As a business, the continued growth of your social media community is important. Not only does it help to boost your brand and products but it reinforces your relevance online. This will result in online users searching for your business website or blog to learn more about your products and services.


Did you know you can use your social media business page to provide support to your customers? Well, now you know. Doing so will keep your followers engaged thus they will keep talking about your brand, products, and services.


Bottom line

Social media plays an active role when it comes to increasing page rank. Repeating the above steps and working with social media marketing experts will ensure your website moves from other pages to the first page of Google’s search engine results.


Alternatively, you can work with our SEO company to improve page rank.

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