The Rosaline Business Model: Good for Clients, Good for All

Rosaline Digital Marketing is a digital marketing company. I mean, obviously. That’s the name of the company, and the description of the services all over the website.


We put in plenty of hours of work to make sure our clients get the best marketing and promotional services. Since the bulk of our clients are small and medium-sized businesses, that means our work pumps vitality into local economies.


Our clients are the type of businesses that fuel a nation’s most robust job market. Businesses that invest and employ people in their own communities, provide security in work, and grow a community’s wealth alongside their own.


Rosaline’s priority is our clients’ success. Our clients’ successes are our successes, and when we help a small business succeed, we help a whole community succeed.


That’s the cornerstone of Rosaline’s philosophy: Wealth comes from good works.


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We believe that the best businesses make the world better than it would have been if no one got those ventures started. Sometimes, that’s through philanthropy or corporate social responsibility. But all too often, the business world can let corporate social responsibility slide into an afterthought. A charitable donation here, a fundraiser sponsorship there, then brush the rest to the side.


Not Rosaline. We unite our community-building activities with our business activities. That goes beyond our clientele for our marketing services. I’m talking about our workshop series in web design for youth.


Rosaline is organizing one workshop series this summer teaching practical professional skills in web design to Syrian immigrant youth. We plan to follow this series with workshops for young women, and one tailored to the needs of young entrepreneurs.


These workshops are the most explicit path, Rosaline, as a company takes to living out its fundamental ethical principle for its business: Great benefit comes from giving and kindness.


We’re helping to kickstart the careers of young people who face disadvantages, overcoming unique challenges. For our workshop for immigrant youth, we’re doing this to help young people, many of whom have fled war and violence, build a successful life in their new country.


We plan on helping young women start an education in technology to overcome gender inequalities that too many women still face. We plan on helping young women and men from all backgrounds learn some of the skills they’ll need to start their own technology businesses.


Maybe when our students are running their own startups, they’ll be our clients. Maybe they’ll be our competition. That would be a touch of irony, but it would still be Rosaline’s dream, realized.


At the heart of our company is that one principle, that building wealth, happiness, and vibrant ambition in your community is the path to success. That there really can be a world where nobody loses and everybody wins.


Join up with Rosaline Digital Marketing. Help us build a happier, more dynamic, wonderful world.


by Adam Riggio, 30 March. 2017