3 Top SEO Ranking Factors in 2017

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Hey, do you want to go to the top of the Google Rankings?

Then you need to keep reading this article.

For rankings in Google are changing almost hourly, an algorithm that they use is one of the most complex software engines currently running on the web. It's also getting more complicated, and rumor has it, that Google is letting it make its own decisions in 2017 and the Goggle folks no longer understand exactly what's going on under the hood anymore.

However, you don't have to know the details about the 200 to 250 primary and the thousands of sub-factors that go into making the 2017 Google's algorithm black box work.

All you have to know is which are the 3 most critical and with this knowledge, and using only one of them can take your blog, website, and specialty niche up in the rankings. In fact, by optimizing your SEO for just the three of them, you can go to the head of the pack.

Finding the best 3 SEO Factors for 2017 is scary as there are so many to choose from

So, let's start breaking things down to get you to the top by showing the secret 3.

Here is what you would have to wade through if you look at the periodic table of SEO factors, shown in the latest iteration of published here.


2017 SEO Periodic Table - Search Engine Land

Many experts have been trying to analyze Google secrets and this is what they have come up with, there are 200-250 primarily element and over 1,000 other smaller elements. This picture shows them in a graphic form divided into Off-Page and On-Page categories. So, what are the 3 you need to know about?


The Top 3 are!

#1 Keywords

#2 Content

#3 Links


So, now let’s get down to brass tacks.

Not so long ago, social media was the prime mover in Google searches. However, Google has evolved since then, and the emphasis of the search engine no longer considers social sharing as a highlight of its search criteria anymore.

For 2017, they have rearranged things and focus on keywords, content, and linkage.

#1 Keywords

This is obviously a no-brainer as it is now the basis of search engine optimization and without it, why are we having this discussion. Because the bottom line is, what words are going to be typed in by the people that are using Google. Most search engines optimizers have forgotten that it's people that are doing the searching.

And as Brian Dean said, "without keywords, there’s no such thing as SEO".

Therefore, keywords are the basis of searching in the 21st century as Google has switched back to a people-centric model. So, master the psychology of your target market and the keywords that your niche market is using, and you will walk away with the brass ring in Search Engine Optimization.


#2 Content

Google has gone back to the old days of humans reading web pages. Good writing is what drove all the Direct Mail advertising as well as magazine advertising for the last 100 years. In the 20th century Eugene Schwartz, David Ogilvy, and a few others defined advertising before the age of the Internet. Google discovered that all of their techniques still work in the world of the Cloud. Good writing trumps Nero Linguistic Programming and fancy double-talk.

That is why they had given more emphasis on writing that means something, rather than attempting to manipulate people into buying things. Because in reality information that is useful sells better than any fancy sales talk.

People want to read for pleasure or getting knowledge. They do not want to be inundated with superlatives, promises, and manipulative talk.

Remember, Google is there for the searchers not for the benefit of the companies that are advertising. If that were true, Google would be out of business in a short period of time. So by making content one of their top criteria, they force the webmasters to create web pages that are people friendly, useful and have actual substance and what they are presenting.

Take a look at this example:

SEO Services Ranking

As you can see from the graphic above, while the #1 and #2 search results for the keyword search of "interior design" do not have a lot of backlinks and referring domains, the #3 search result has a lot of backlinks and a decent number of referring domains but still ranking lower than the #1 and #2.

That means Google values content relevancy more than backlinks and page link authority. So, if you want to get ahead in Search Engine Optimization, you need to put yourself in the searcher’s shoes and see what they enjoy getting on the net for in the first place. They're not there to see endless listings of elevator pitches and hyperbola trying to get them to buy this or that.

#3 Links

Many of us in the web development field have been trying to make web pages that are mobile app friendly lately and embedding links, bank links and links of every sort. Well, it turns out, Google likes this idea, but once it further refined by making links point to something other than advertising. Your links today must link to something that is meaningful as well as useful,

Links must have value now

Today, links must not point to and come from places that are in the same domain.

Moz calls this Domain Authority and is measured on a 0 to 100 grading curve along with Page Authority as well. This measures whether your links have value or not.

This can easily be checked with the Free CheckMoz tool. You, of course, can use Google's methodology and tool called Hummingbird or you could find other software that uses similar analytics that provides you with the same information. So, links at the page level as well as the Domain factors are now a driving force in getting you to the top of the rankings.

So, what does this buy you?

It means that you have to start putting backplane that not good have a single domain authority, but must also point to high-value web pages in that domain as well, so, by exchanging your link and building up your popularity and networking with similar minded people.

You can make linking a valuable part of your SEO. The biggest takeaway you can get from all of this is to have diversity and Anchor Quality, as this will rate higher search during the exact match for phrase match query.

The other thing is, you need to have your link spread out among a large number of domains that target a diverse Anchor Text instead of having backlinks that only go to one domain. The more varied your back link profile is further up in the rankings you will go.


Final thoughts

Search Engine Optimization not extinct and with using our 3 ranking factors you can move up rapidly in the Google search string charts and beat out the competition.

You, need to remember, of course, to look at the big picture and write to the audience, rather than to the search engines.

When you look at what we've been saying about SEO services today, everything makes logical sense and is quite simple.

If you do these things like writing real content, that reaches people like in the early days of advertising and uses proper linkage and of course, the right keywords that ordinary Netizens are using today. If you do these things, your SEO will go to the top of the rankings.

Now that you know the 3 Secrets, It is up to you to take action and get to where you need to be.

Break a leg and will see you at the top!




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