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SEO Strategy

Our SEO Strategy

An SEO strategy is usually developed to help improve the site's ranking on various locations by coming up with the plans that are better than the competitors. The process also involves analyzing the strategies undertaken by the competing companies to guide in formulating the best strategies.

The method includes;

  1. Coming up with steps and procedures to take immediately for the benefit of the enterprise.
  2. The process also involves coming up with specific actions to take to reach the goals and succeed.
  3. Note that the strategies are set depending on the individual's ability to fulfill the requirements, and therefore these steps should be realistic and affordable too.


Technical SEO Audit

When it comes to professional SEO audit, we provide the services that are related to your ranking and the search engine optimization. We analyze the state of your site and how it is doing at the search engine ranking. If the site is not among the top, we help you determine the causes of low ranking, and hence we provide solutions to this problem. Therefore we use the following steps in the technical auditing process.

  • Checking all the features and systems connected to the content management to enable the SEO site to function.
  • We also check how the page is user-friendly regarding navigation.
  • Analyse all the data on the site to determine the most relevant information that can help upgrade the site.
  • We also analyze and determine how your site is fairing currently and how it is designed.
  • If the title is not good, we help your formulate another one, and we also ensure that other important title details such as the meta description are well structured too.
  • We provide seo services regarding page template optimization that helps the clients to easily get all the information or the correct product from your site. Such templates include the price or discount templates.
  • We edit the existing sitemap to make it more visible to your customers.
  • We believe that sometimes we may not be around to assist you to troubleshoot some site issues and therefore we give you guidelines on how to configure the tagging on your site.
  • It is important to provide all the necessary information about your company and therefore we make sure that all these details such as the geo-targeting, display setting, Google Webmaster tools and indexing are all configured with Google and are available on the dashboard of your site.


Competition Analysis

The main focus of creating a good SEO site is so you can be able to get a top ranking among the competing companies. Therefore after researching about what other competing companies are doing to get high ranks, the other step requires you to analyze the steps that they utilize to run their sites.



After analyzing all the details regarding the competing companies, the next step we take is to come up with well-defined guidelines to follow to improve your business's visibility. Note that we formalize these guidelines depending on the client's ability to fulfill the requirements.

The guides include;

  • The building of a competent domain authority for the site.
  • How to improve the social factors of the site.
  • How to create an excellent guest blog for your site.
  • How to create content for marketing your products or services.
  • How to build local SEO and all the required information such as locations and maps.
  • How to create favorite backlinks.

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