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SEO Audit

What is SEO Audit?

SEO engine is an excellent marketing design that helps in boosting the company's products, services and also the brand. To upgrade your site and become the top SEO site in search engines, consider hiring a professional and well-trained SEO audit company. Therefore if you need such a company, look no further as we SEP are here to offer the best SEO services to you. Some of the SEO services that we provide include analyzing the competing businesses and hence designing various marketing technics to ensure your company remains on top. We also provide reviews of the progress of your website to determine if there is something that needs to be added or changed to better your site.

We understand that there is high competition in online marketing and sometimes you may find that your company has the same keywords with another similar company. In such a case we work to help you determine the best strategies to use to reach the targeted audience and attract traffic to your site.

We offer design services whereby we help our clients to construct a good website that is user-friendly and has the best keywords regarding what you are offering on your site.

For beginners, we understand that you don't have knowledge on how to penetrate the SEO market and so we ensure that we educate you regarding the strategies to use to understand your targeted audiences and also what to do to get the top ranking from the various search engine like Google, Yahoo and also Bing.


Objective formulation.

  • When it comes to strategizing goals, we ensure that we look for problems that may be affecting the functioning of your site and we also try to determine the problem that may arise in future so we can prevent it from occurring.
  • We are a futuristic company, and therefore we are always looking out for our SEO clients regarding how we can help them grow and make their sites better in the future.
  • Apart from coming up with the plans on how to improve your site, we also come up with the activities or rather the actions you should take to achieve the goals.
  • We believe that the reason as to why your company is not ranked at the top is because other companies are doing a better job. So we take the chance to analyze the reasons making the other companies outdo you in the marketing field.
  • From the results that we get, we use them to come up with new and better strategies for your business, but before we conclude, we make sure that we compare our policies and those of the competing companies to see if they are better and how they will affect your future performances over the competing companies.
  • Then the last step we take in this stage involves coming up with a plan to put the above steps into action.



After formulating your site's goals, the next step we take is to provide you with a well-written document consisting of all the necessary information to elevate your site. Such information includes defining the problems that may occur and how to solve them.

  • How to set the website such that the search engines will understand what you are offering and ensure the content is beneficial to your targeted audiences.
  • What to do to fix a problem that may arise in your page. This includes providing the necessary steps and ideas.
  • Note that you don't need to create a new site for your products as you can add different features to the existing one we can help you achieve this.
  • There are other details that you can add to your site to attract more people such as backing up your content with images and we can help you achieve this too.
  • We also design your site to make it more research-friendly without forgetting to develop the best backlinks profiles and other features like domain authority.


Components of a Technical Audit.

The scorecard.

The professional SEO audit services include the SEO scorecard that is essential in providing information on how the search engines rate your site accessibility. The ratings are based on how easy and quick it is to navigate through your page, the provided backlinks and also how long it takes to load your page.

The SEO analysis.

The study involves knowing how the page loads, the available robot txts in your site, provided for your audience and also how to handle any error related to the above features.

Keyword analysis.

This report focuses on how to formulate the keywords to match your content or products, the best way to design the URL and also how to create the Data markup and the site structure analysis too.

Look-on page SEO.

This involves creating a meta description for your site content, formulating the best title, we also include images if necessary. Note that these features appear when someone visits the site.

Full off-page SEO.

This service includes audit and analysis, integral to Google's ranking formula; we design backlinks pages, and also the domain authority distribution. We also provide information related to low-quality backlink sources, the extent of the problems that may be caused by the setback link profiles and also the risk that may arise from these links and how to solve it.


Benefits of SEO Audit

Why should you consider having a full audit for your SEO site?

Traffic focus.

By having a full site audit, you can get all the help you need on what to do to attract traffic to your site. Our auditing company works for hands in hand with you to design or redesign your site to come up with a well-designed site to attract people.

Good budget plan.

With a professional audit company, you will be able to plan for your funds well since the procedure of auditing is done once.

Generation of unique keywords.

Full audit helps in generating the best keywords that will match to your content and the products that you are offering. Google uses the SEO keywords to determine if the content should be linked to the top searches or not and therefore if your keywords are well structured, rest assured you will get a high rank.

Analysing the competitors.

This process also helps to analyze how the competitors are doing and what is making their sites being among the top. From there the audit company helps you come up with strategies that will enable you to design a better and more defined seo site.

Better site performance.

In the case where you perform a technical site like the off-page seo site, one can come up with measures that will prevent the site from incurring future issues such as domain penalties, and any future backlinks that are not useful to the site.


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