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Category: Ropalodontus

Spiculum ventrale of Ropalodontus bauderi

Ropalodontus perforratus,Iran,mazandaran,sari,kiasar

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Ropalodontus perforratus(Gyllenhal, 1813) Read more

List of all described Ropalodontus

Ropalodontus baudueri (Abeille de Perrin, 1874)

1. R. baudueri ABEILLE de PERRIN, 1874 Southern Europe
2. R. armifrons REITTER, 1913 North Africa: Algeria
3. Ropalodontus americanus LAWRENCE, 1971 North America: Wisconsin
4. R. camelus ABEILLE de PERRIN, 1875 North Africa: Lebanon Read more

Ropalodontus perforatus

Ropalodontus perforatus

Ropaloduntus perfuratus

This species is similar R. bauderi but pronotum in R. bauderi is a little alongated

Also maybe it identified mistakenly in museum as a Xylographus bostrichoides Read more

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