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Category: Non-Cis Genera

Ennearthron affine Gyllenhal 1827

Ennearthron affine

Ennearthron affine Gyllenhal 1827

Pictures References:

Sulcacis lengi Dury, 1917

Sulcacis lengi 2 Read more

Ennearthron reitteri (Flach, 1882)

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Picture by Boris Loboda

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Sulcacis bidentulus

picture by colpolon.biol

Sulcacis bidentulus (Rosenhauer, 1847)

Antennomer 10 . third longer than fouth Read more

Sulcacis nobuchii

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Sulcacis nobuchii Kawanabe, 1997

Photo by K.B . Makarov