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Category: Cis castaneus group

Cis capricornis Kawanabe, 1997

cis capricornis


Cis capricornis Kawanabe, 1997

Cis nikkoensis Nobuchi, 1960

Cis nikkoensis Nobuchi, 1960 female



Photo by: KV Makarov (

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(Cis castaneus group)

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Cis levettei ( Casey)

cis levettei3

Cis levettei ( Casey) belong to Cis castaneus group. This beetle is very similar Cis castaneus Herbst, 1793 (not

Mellié) and dispersed in North America in Canada and north eastern united states.
Cis castaneus Mellié, 1849 changed to Cis fusciclavis and Cis nitidus Fabricius, 1792
changed to Cis castaneus Herbst

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Cis castaneus group


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Above Cis lineatocribratus Mellié, 1848 from north of Iran Caspian forest

Below  Cis castaneus (Herbst, 1793) in same place Read more

Cis nitidus group (Eridaulus)


Holarctic: Cis jaquemartii Mellie

Cis lineatocribratus Mellie

Cis nitidus (Fabricius)

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