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Category: Cis comptus group

Male genitalia of Cis comptus

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Male genitalia of Cis comptus

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Cis tauriensis from Turkey

Cis tauriensis


Cis tauriensis sp. n. from Turkey is described and figured. It belongs to the Cis comptus group.

The Cis comptus group in the Palaearctic Region comprises hitherto five species:
C. comptus GYLLENHAL, 1827 – wide spread in Europe, North Africa, Asia Minor, Caucasus, Siberia, and the Far East;
C. striatulus MELLIÉ, 1849 – rare, confirmed localities known from southern Europe, North Africa, Caucasus, Azerbaijan, and Krasnodarskiy Kray in Russia; recorded also from Central Europe and central part of Russia but these records
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Cis striatulus from Iran

Cis striatulus from north of Iran Caspian forest

Cis comptus group

Two new species from Brazil


Cis gumiercostai

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Cis comptus group

Cis comptus Gyllenhal, 1827[/caption]


Cis comptus Gyllenhal

Cis striatulus Mellie Read more

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