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Category: Cis boleti group

Cis boleti male genitalia

aedeagus of Cis boleti


Cis boleti and relatives


Cis boleti and  Cis rugulosus are very simillar. Some European taxonomist belive they are same but there are some differences in punctation of elytra. In Cis rugulosus some small punctation around large punctation are visible but these small punctation may disappear in dried speciemens. Read more

Cis boleti group

Cis boleti (Scopoli, 1763)


Cis boleti group are Holarctic only one species find in Nearctic

Palearctic including:

Cis boleti (Scopoli,1763)

Cis rugulosus Mellié,1848

Cis micans (Fabricius)  syn. Cis hispidus

Cis submicans Abeille de Perrin, 1874

Cis villosulus (Marsham)


North America, Nearctic

Cis pistoria Casey1898

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