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Category: Cis boleti group

Cis boleti, male genitalia

cis boleti genitalia

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Cis boleti (Scopoli,1763)  male genitalia(penis)

Iran, Ghaem shahr, Jadeh nezami

Female Genitalia and Gut in Cis boleti

Female Genitalia and Gut in Cis boleti

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scale 100 micrometer

Cis boleti (Scopoli,1763)

Female,from north of Iran Read more

Cis micans Fabricius, 1972

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Cis japonicus Nobuchi 1955

Cis japonicus Nobuchi 1955a:57  included in Cis boleti group but It seems to be same with Cis pistoria  Casey1898 from north America and Cis rugulosus.

Nobuchi, Akira (1955) Studies on the ciid-beetles from Japan. (I) With the descriptions of a new genus and some new species (Ciidae, Coleoptera). Entomological Review of Japan 6(7), 53–58, pl. 12.

Cis boleti group

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Species of this group are very similar and seems to be a superspecies.

Some others of Cis boleti group from Japan and north America are similar to these four species from Palearctic Cis boleti group.

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