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Category: Cis bilamellatus group

A Population Study of Cis bilamellatus

Kitty Paviour-Smith

Journal of Animal Ecology,Vol. 37, No. 1 (Feb., 1968), pp. 205-228,(article consists of 26 pages),Published by: British Ecological Society


1. An Australian fungus beetle, Cis bilamellatus, is a very important destroyer of dead birch bracket fungi (Polyporus betulinus) and other tree fungi in the lowlands of southern Britain.

2. Fungus fruiting-bodies are small, scattered, fairly temporary habitats which can be destroyed completely by their fauna. Read more

Cis bilamellatus (Wood, 1884)


non-native Ciid in British, the history of which is interesting. First recorded as British in January 1884 by T. Wood (1884) from a single male specimen found beneath decaying pine bark at West Wickham (south of London).

In September of that year it was found at the same site ‘in utmost profusion’ in boleti on decaying birch, and again that month a single male was taken from ‘a large fleshy fungus upon an ash’ a mile and a half from the site of the pine capture. Read more

Cis bilamellatus

Cis bilamellatus
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Cis bilamellatus group


Cis bilamellatus group

Cis bilamellatus Fowler, 1884 1.7mm


Cis bilamellatus Wood

C. australis Blackburn

C. clarki Blair,1940

There is none in North America

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