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How many Arthocis do we have in the world?

Species in genus Orthocis (this image: Orthocis coluber)

42 species of Orthocis reported from all continents.

Australia+pacific(5), south America (2) middle America(3+3 guadeloupe),north america(5) Europe+caucasia(9)+maedira(1), Africa(6),Asia estern(china vietnam Japan)(6)Iran (1), some continent have same species

for example O. reflexicollis in south Europe and north Africa


Orthocis alni Gyllenhal, 1813 reported fom Isle of Wight, a county and the largest island in England
Orthocis alnoidesReitter, 1884. Eastern Europe

Orthocis auriculariae , Lawrence, 1991 from China no specific locality ,found in chinese restaurant
Orthocis coluber  , Abeille de Perrin, 1874 Western & southern Europe
Orthocis ishiharai  , K awanabe, 1994 Japan; Omogokei
Orthocis juglandis, Reitter, 1885 Southeastern Europe

Orthocis linearis,  J.R. Sahlberg, 1901  Eastern Finland  synonym with O.perrisi Abeille de Perrin
Orthocis reflexicollis  (Abeille de Perrin, 1874) ( synonym: Orthocis lucasi,Abeille de Perrin, 1874  Southern Europe, northern Africa, north of Iran)

Orthocis nigrosplendidus Nobuchi, 1955   reported from Japan
Orthocis ornatusReitter, 1877 Japan Honshu, Kyushu

Orthocis perrisi , Abeille de Perrin, 1974     synonym with O. linearis Sahlberg
Orthocis pseudolinearisLohse, 1965 Austria; Rattendorf

Orthocis sagittiferus , Israelson, 1980 unknown
Orthocis schizophylli, Nakane & Nobuchi, 1955 Japan; Noziri, Nagano

Orthocis zoufali , Reitter, 1902  Southeastern Europe

Orthocis punctatus (Mellie, 1849) North America, California(=Orthocis aterrima Casey, 1898)(Cis punctatus)

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