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Checklist of Ciidae in Poland

License :
Ropalodontus strandi , Marko Mutanen, University of Oulu (



Ropalodontus strandi LOHSE, 1969 and Cis hanseni STRAND,1965 are new to
the Polish fauna. New regional records and data on the ecology of 23 species are given.

Results of nearly 15-year observations (1984–1999) on the occurrence of Ciidae in Poland have been presented: 2 species new to the Polish fauna (Rhopalodontus strandi LOHSE, Cis hanseni STRAND). The number of species known from particular zoogeographic regions of Poland has increased as follows: 1 species on the Baltic Coast (Cis alni GYLL.), 6 species in the Bia³owie¿a Forest (R. strandi, C. hanseni, C. striatulus MELL., C. rugulosus MELL., C. fissicornis MELL., Dolichocis laricinus (MELL.)), 7 species in Upper Silesia (R. strandiC. striatulus, C. setiger MELL., C. rugulosus, C. castaneus MELL., C. fissicornis, C. dentatus MELL., 2 in Kraków-Wieluñ Upland (C. nitidus (FABR.), C. castaneus) and 1 in Roztocze (Rh. strandi). For many species original data on their habitat are given, and their occurrence in many regions has been confirmed after over 60 years

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