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Cis fuscipes group


Cis seriatopilosus Motschulsky

Cis seriatulus Kiesenwetter

Cis taiwanus Chujo

Cis asiaticus lawrence, 1991

Cis contendens Walker (1858) Sri lanka

North America:

Cis festivulus Lawrence 1971


Cis capensis Mellie (1848)  South Afrika


lawrence delimited this group in (1967,1971) which is largly equivalent to the subgenus Hadraule Thomson as used by Rietter (1902) and Japanese workers

Cis asiaticus differs from other members  in having dual vestiture and composed of two distinctive  type of seta. but C. contendens and C. capensis are similar in this group to Cis asiaticus in dual vesititure but in both of these the two types of  bristles less in lenghth and thickness and is shorter than Cis asiaticus.


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