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Cis japonicus Nobuchi 1955

Cis japonicus Nobuchi 1955a:57  included in Cis boleti group but It seems to be same with Cis pistoria  Casey1898 from north America and Cis rugulosus.

Nobuchi, Akira (1955) Studies on the ciid-beetles from Japan. (I) With the descriptions of a new genus and some new species (Ciidae, Coleoptera). Entomological Review of Japan 6(7), 53–58, pl. 12.

Cis boleti group are Holarctic only one species find in Nearctic

Palearctic including:

Cis boleti (Scopoli,1763)

Cis rugulosus Mellié,1848

Cis micans (Fabricius)  syn. Cis hispidus

Cis submicans Abeille de Perrin, 1874

Cis villosulus (Marsham)

Cis japonicus Nobuchi 1955


North America, Nearctic

Cis pistoria Casey 1898

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