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Cis tauriensis from Turkey

Cis tauriensis


Cis tauriensis sp. n. from Turkey is described and figured. It belongs to the Cis comptus group.

The Cis comptus group in the Palaearctic Region comprises hitherto five species:
C. comptus GYLLENHAL, 1827 – wide spread in Europe, North Africa, Asia Minor, Caucasus, Siberia, and the Far East;
C. striatulus MELLIÉ, 1849 – rare, confirmed localities known from southern Europe, North Africa, Caucasus, Azerbaijan, and Krasnodarskiy Kray in Russia; recorded also from Central Europe and central part of Russia but these records
need confirmation;

C. clavicornis BAUDI, 1873 – Mediterranean species described from Cyprus,
recorded from Greece, Syria and Crimea;

C. seriatocribratus REITTER, 1913 – endemic to Middle Asia, described from
Turkestan, recorded from southern Tadjikistan;
C. orius KOMPANTSEV, 1996 – recently described from Tadjikistan, Kirgizstan,
Uzbekistan, Afghanistan and N India (ABDULLAH 1973, KOMPANTSEV 1996, LOHSE
During my filed trips to southern Turkey in 2000-2001, I found in a polyporous
fungus living on bark of oak tree several dozen of specimens of ciid beetles
belonging to the Cis comptus group. More specimens were reared from the fungus198 ROMAN KRÓLIK
in the laboratory. In the material I identified a male specimen of C. clavicornis,
and a number of specimens of an undescribed species. Its description is given


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