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Hyalocis Kawanabe, 1993

belong  to tribe Orophiini

This genus is similar in Octotemnus but Antenna has 9 antennomers and last antennomer with 4 sensillifers situated symetrically but in Octotemnus with 4 but one of them situated in apex, anal vein of hindwing is faintly discernible but in Octotemnus anal vein is absent, galea subtrangular but in Octotemnus is elongate, fovea absent but in Octotemnus covered by triangel process.

only one species from Yakushima

Hyalocis yakushimensis,Kawanabe, 1993

host fungi   Fomitella rhodophaea Aoshima

they were found with Euxestocis bicornutus Miyatake

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