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List of all described Ropalodontus

Ropalodontus baudueri (Abeille de Perrin, 1874)

1. R. baudueri ABEILLE de PERRIN, 1874 Southern Europe
2. R. armifrons REITTER, 1913 North Africa: Algeria
3. Ropalodontus americanus LAWRENCE, 1971 North America: Wisconsin
4. R. camelus ABEILLE de PERRIN, 1875 North Africa: Lebanon
5. R. harmandi LESNE, 1917 Japan
6. R. lawrencei n. sp. Thailand
7. R. novorossicus REITTER, 1902 Southeastern Europe
8. R. perforatus (GYLLENHAL, 1813) Eurasia
9. R. perrini REITTER, 1878 Caucasus
10. R. populi BRISOUT, 1877 Southern Europe
11. R. strandi LOHSE, 1969 Scandinavia, Poland

correct genus name is   Ropalodontus but in some article mybe you can see  Rhopalodontus

The genus Rhopalodontus (Ropalodontus in original spelling) was created by
J. MELLIÉ in 1847 to accommodate a single species, Cis perforatus GYLL.
Rhopalodontus is a well-defined genus among the subfamily Ciinae. Its diagnostic features are as follows: procoxae subconical, projecting below intercoxal
process; intercoxal process very short, not extending to middle of procoxae; apical
part of tibia forming tibial comb and bearing spines (usually a dozen or so); 1st
ventrite of male with pubescent fovea partly concealed by subtriangular flap
(THAYER & LAWRENCE 2002). The complex history of the synonymical and
nomenclatural problems related to the genus in question was discussed in detail by


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