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Pterogeniidae a close family to Ciidae


The Pterogeniidae, a family of beetles from Indoaustralia, are revised. They comprise five genera and 24 species. Three genera and 17 species are described as new and one species is synonymized. It is shown that the male and particularly the female genitalia provide useful means for species definition. The phylogenetic relationships are discussed based on a cladistic analysis of 23 morphological characters using PAUP. The analysis resulted in a single cladogram with following grouping: (Kryptogenius+ (Tychogenius+ (Katagenius+ (Plerogenins+Histanocerus)))).

For rooting the cladogram and polarizing the characters, Sivacrypticus indicus (Archeocrypticidae) was used as an outgroup. The majority of the species is restricted to insular tropical Asia and Oceania but four of them extend their range onto the Malayan Peninsula. Another four species are known only from continental Asia, i.e. two species from South India and one each from Malayan Peninsula and Vietnam respectively. Species of Kryptogenius, Pterogenius, Katagenius and Tychogenius are highly endemic and could therefore potentially be useful for analysing areas of endemism. For this, however, the cladistic relationships should be resolved at species level. Species of Histanocerus are more widely distributed but none is found on both sides of Wallace’s line.

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