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“Yun zhi” mushroom extract


The Trametes Versicolor is a mushroom with worldwide distribution. It is considered to be one of most highly valued medicinal mushrooms, and the most highly researched. It is known by its popular name ‘Turkey Tail’, because it has many colors and is reminiscent of the tail of a wild turkey.

In traditional Chinese medicine the mushroom is known as “yun zhi”. For 5000 years the mushroom was used in Chinese folk medicine for medical purposes and as a plant that provides balance and strength. During recent decades, studies have shown that the mushroom has anti-tumor properties and attributes that boost the immune system. The mushroom is registered in Japan as a medicine for cancer treatment since the extraction contains the anti-cancer polysaccharide PSK (Krestin). The mushroom is free of toxins and is therefore suitable for use over extended periods.


The main uses:

• Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
• Herpes
• Anti-ageing
• Viral infections
• Cancer
• Support for chemotherapy and radiation treatments
• To protect the liver


Prevention and maintenance: 1 – 2 capsules daily
For medium-strength action – 3 capsules daily
For treatment: 1 – 2 capsules 3 times daily


R: mycolivia

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