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Ceracis, Cucullatus group

Two new Neotropical species of Ceracis Mellié (Coleoptera, Ciidae) and redefinition of the cucullatus group
Caio Antunes-Carvalho1,†, Cristiano Lopes-Andrade2,‡

AbstractTwo new Neotropical species of Ceracis Mellié are described: Ceracis cassumbensis Antunes-Carvalho & Lopes-Andrade, sp. n. from a single locality in northeastern Brazil and Ceracis navarretei Antunes-Carvalho & Lopes-Andrade, sp. n. from a single locality in southern Mexico. Scanning Electron Microscope images of adults and photographs of holotypes and male terminalia are provided for both species, their similarities and differences with other Ceracis are briefly discussed, and the cucullatus species-group is redefined for including the new species described herein.



Ceracis Mellié (Coleoptera: Ciidae: Ciinae) encompasses 47 described species, being the second most speciose genus of the family. The genus was redefined by Lawrence (1967), who dealt mostly with Nearctic Ceracis but briefly discussed their affinities to Neotropical and Indo-Pacific species. He has also proposed two species-groups, the furcifer and the cucullatus, each including morphologically related species.

Ceracis cucullatus (Mellié), which names the cucullatus group, has drawn the attention of ciidologists due to its broad and disjunct geographic distribution. It is widespread in the Neotropical region, also occurring in several localities of the Afrotropical and Afrotemperate regions (sensu Morrone 2002), including several islands (Mellié 1849, Scott 1926, Blackwelder 1945, Lawrence 1967, Lopes-Andrade 2008, Lopes-Andrade et al. 2009, Lawrence and Lopes-Andrade 2010). There is a single record of the species from France (Abeille de Perrin 1874), but it is possibly not established there.

While conducting a survey on the morphology, life cycle and geographic distribution of Ceracis cucullatus, mainly to evaluate the conspecificity of disjunct populations under this name, we found two morphologically related new species. Here we describe Ceracis cassumbensis sp. n., a rare record of Ciidae in a Brazilian estuarine system, and Ceracis navarretei sp. n. from southern Mexico. We include them in the cucullatus species-group, which is redefined.

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